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Type of Services: Strolling Magic, Stage Magic, Booth Magic

Strolling/ Roving Magic

What is strolling magic (a.k.a street magic)? Imagine this… Justin Luck will mingle and engage your guests and perform magic and mind reading demonstrations that got him several TV appearances. He will
- turn $50 into $100
- bend your coin in your hand
- have you think of a word and tell you what you’re thinking
- and much more

People love to see this kind of things up close. In fact, a lot of people will come up to you and show you their bent coin.
If your guests are mingling at your event or you’ve a cocktail reception before dinner starts, then strolling magic is your best option.

Stage Magic

If you’re hosting a big event like Gala Night or Dinner & Dance and you really want to impress the audience, then this is your best option. This is the show that everyone will go home talking about for a long time.

“Lots of Audience Participation”

“The Show That Will Leave Your Audience Dancing On Their Feet” - MediaCorp

Justin Luck’s Comedy Magic Showtime is Extremely Interactive from start to finish and it consists of
- Comedy Magic
- Comedy Escape and
- Comedy Mind Reading
It’s like having 3 magic shows in 1.

Or Both

Can you get both stage and strolling magic? Of course you can.

If you’re hosting an event where everyone will be coming in one by one,
then you can have Justin Luck mingle with your guests and perform strolling magic before everything begins.

Once your event has started, you can have Justin perform his full stage show to end on a high note.

Also available:

Booth Magic

If your company is having a Road show or Trade show and your objective is to draw traffic to your booth,
then this is the option for you.

Justin Luck is an expert in drawing crowd and he can work closely with your sales team to deliver your company/ product message into his magic.






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